Erasmus + Key Action 2 - European Universities Initiative

UNIVERS: a European Cross-border University

Building collaborative leadership for cross-border territories

Led by the University of Perpignan, the UNIVERS alliance project focuses on cross-border territories and involves a consortium of 8 universities with 85,000 students, 9,500 teachers-researchers and administrative staff and 74 faculties.

UNIVERS is a European University project that aims to address the New Challenges of Cross-Border Territories.

Overcoming the borders in the construction of the European area of education is our main target and our solutions will arise from our deep knowledge of the specificities of cross-border areas.

Emphasis will be placed on key issues like: developement and economic challenges, comparative law and comparative public administration, education, management of natural resources, tourism, migrations (including labour and student migration), transports, culture, identity and heritage (enhancing cross-border cultural heritage).

UNIVERS will train professionnals who can act and influence the social, economic and scientific development of cross-border areas thanks to a deep understanding of their particularities, challenges and opportunies.

  • 8 partners: University Bialystok (Poland), Chemnitz University of Technology (Germany), University of Craiova (Romania), University of Girona (Spain), University of Lleida (Spain), University of Perpignan (France), Rezekne Academy of Technologies (Latvia), University of Ruse (Bulgaria).
  • 7 countries: Bulgaria, France, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Spain.
  • + 3 associated partners: Pôle Sanitaire Cerdan (France), UNIMED (Mediterranean Universities Union), UPE 66